Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your kids age group?
    Answer: K-12
2. How many locations do you have? 
    Answer: 2 locations, Plano campus and Allen campus. 
3. Do you have school pick up service?
     Answer: Yes we do. 
4. Do you have time for kids to finish homework?
     Answer: Yes, we have teachers to supervise. 
5. Do you have snacks for kids?
     Answer: Parents can purchase snack plan ($30 for 20 snacks) or meal plan ($100 for 20 meals) from Venture, and then Kid Mania or Jump Street will prepare great snacks for your kids. 
6. Can I prepare snacks for my kids?
     Answer: According to facility's policy, no outside food allow in the facility. 
7. How many kids do you have in each class?
    Answer: Usually we average 10 kids in each class. 
8. When is the latest time to pick up kids?
     Answer: We close at 7pm, and late fees will applied after 7pm. 
9. What should I do when I finished registration?
     Answer: Parents need to notify local schools that Venture Education will do the pickup service. 
10. How can I keep in touch with Venture Education?
     Answer: Follow our Instagram, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, WeChat pages for updates.